Rescue Group Spotlight on Seniors Form

If you would like your rescue group considered for our Spotlight on Seniors feature, please fill out the following information on your rescue group. When your rescue is selected for our Spotlight on Seniors feature, we’ll get in touch with you to get some pictures of your seniors.

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Do you get repeat adopters?

How often do you rescue seniors?

Are you finding it easier, the same or harder to adopt out senior animals now than when you first began in rescue?

If faced with multiple seniors to rescue, how do you decide who to pull?

If you’re senior specific, what made you choose rescuing seniors over younger animals? If not senior specific, why did you decide to include seniors in your rescue program?

What problems or difficulties have you had adopting out seniors?

What sort of prejudices do you find held against senior animals?

What special expenses have you found needed with seniors that you don’t generally have with younger dogs? (This is generalized and isn’t meant to include medical expenses for more catastrophic illnesses.)

Have you found something that helps get seniors adopted?

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your rescue group?

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