Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston, Inc (2/1/13)

Group Name: Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston, Inc

Group Contact Email:

Group Mailing Address: Boston Terrier Rescue, c/o Law Office of Karen Alexander, 25318 Oakhurst Drive, The Woodlands, Texas  77386-1425

Group Phone Number:

Group Website URL:

Group Facebook Page URL:

Group Adoption Portal Links:

Year Group Established: 2000

Are you a 501(c)3 or independent rescue?: 501(c)3

How many foster animals does your group have?: 35

How many senior foster animals does your group have?: 7

URLs of Fundraising/Giving sites (Amazon Wish List, IGive, etc) for your rescue group:


Do you get repeat adopters?: Yes

How often do you rescue seniors?: Whenever a shelter contacts us.

Are you finding it easier, the same or harder to adopt out senior animals now than when you first began in rescue?:


If faced with multiple seniors to rescue, how do you decide who to pull?

We do not refuse any Boston Terriers, regardless of age, medical condition or infirmities.  We will pull all senior
Boston Terriers, and have never turned one down.

If you’re senior specific, what made you choose rescuing seniors over younger animals?  If not senior specific, why did you decide to include seniors in your rescue program?

We feel that all animals, regardless of age, deserve to live out their golden years in dignity.  The thought of a senior dog dying at
a kill shelter, in a cold, harsh environment, is just unconscionable.

What problems or difficulties have you had adopting out seniors?

Most adopters are seeking to adopt young, cute, healthy dogs.  We usually place our seniors into permanent foster homes,
where we continue to pay for their vet care, as opposed to having them live out their lives in our small kennel facility.

What sort of prejudices do you find held against senior animals?

Many people do not want to adopt a dog that they think is not going to live much longer.  Or one that will have health issues and large
medical bills.

What special expenses have you found needed with seniors that you don’t generally have with younger dogs? (This is generalized and isn’t meant to include medical expenses for more catastrophic illnesses.)

Many will have medical issues that require lab testing, X-rays, special meds, eye care, etc.

Have you found something that helps get seniors adopted?

We use a permanent foster approach to most of our seniors.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your rescue group?

We pride ourselves on not “picking and choosing” the cute, young dogs at shelters, and we do not discriminate against the dogs
that we choose.  If called, we take them all!

Watson with foster mom Cynthia, Current HERE.
Watson with foster mom Cynthia

Little Dorie, Passed away last year from CHF.
Little Dorie

Jacey, Currently HERE

Hollister, Currently here. Blind, and we're going to see if he can have cataract surgery.

James, Currently here and in a foster home.

Hansen, Recently adopted

Wednesday, Came in to rescue with Tuesday.

Watson, Currently here, and in a long-term foster home.

Tuesday, Adopted.

Stanford, Went directly from the shelter to the vet due to health issues. Never made it home.

Pat, Not a Boston. :)Dumped on the front porch of my office. Passed away about 9 months later.


Mercy, Photo taken just as she arrived from the shelter. She is currently HERE.
Mercy, Part 1

Mercy, Happier now in a foster home.
Mercy, Part 2

Grace, part 1, Blind senior girl at the shelter. Currently HERE.
Grace, Part 1

Grace, part  2, Had flown to California with Jana to live in a sanctuary there; sanctuary recently closed so Grace is back here.
Grace, Part 2

Cecilia, Passed away following surgery.

Carrington, Adopted. Passed away about a year ago.

Butterbean, Blind, adopted, passed away about 2 years ago from CHF

Brees, Passed away following surgery.

Margarette, Currently here and in failing health. In a foster home.

Lucille, Passed away.

Ebenezer, Went to California to live at the sanctuary. Passed away.

Annelise, Passed away.

Marlowe and Elsie Visiting Nursing Home Patients, Marlowe - permanent foster.Elsie - passed away September 2012
Marlowe and Elsie visiting a nursing home

Flannery, Adopted.

Drake, Recently adopted.

Axel and Avery, Recently adopted.
Axel and Avery

Audrey, Was here nearly 4 years. Passed away a few months ago.

Angie, Currently here, and in a long-term foster home.

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