DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue (5/8/13)

Group Name: DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Group Contact Email: dfwcsr@gmail.com

Group Mailing Address: P. O. Box 863704, Plano, TX 75086-3704

Group Phone Number: 972-994-1133

Group Website URL:  http://www.dfwcockerrescue.org/

Group Facebook Page URL:  https://www.facebook.com/dfwcockerrescue

Group Adoption Portal Links:


Year Group Established: 2000

Are you a 501(c)3 or independent rescue?: 501(c)3

How many foster animals does your group have?: 50

How many senior foster animals does your group have?: 10

URLs of Fundraising/Giving sites (Amazon Wish List, IGive, etc) for your rescue group :

None that I am aware of.  We do have fundraising availability on our website, we use ChipIns for expensive medical procedures
and send out several newsletters per year requesting donations.

Do you get repeat adopters?:  Yes

How often do you rescue seniors?:  Monthly

Are you finding it easier, the same or harder to adopt out senior animals now than when you first began in rescue?:


If faced with multiple seniors to rescue, how do you decide who to pull?

Honestly, we try to pull all seniors.  We have taken to trying to get fosters for them before we pull them and usually
succeed.  On occasion, we have had to turn down a senior but it is rare.

If you’re senior specific, what made you choose rescuing seniors over younger animals?  If not senior specific, why did you decide to include seniors in your rescue program?

We are cocker spaniel specific and senior cockers need homes too.

What problems or difficulties have you had adopting out seniors?

Some adopters shy away from seniors believing they will experience heartbreak sooner than with a younger pup.

What sort of prejudices do you find held against senior animals?

That they will not live as long as a younger pup and may have health issues.

What special expenses have you found needed with seniors that you don’t generally have with younger dogs? (This is generalized and isn’t meant to include medical expenses for more catastrophic illnesses.)

We tend to do more cataract surgeries on seniors but our juniors are not immune to the condition either.  We do ear ablations when absolutely necessary but again this happens with pups of all ages.  I think in general, we tend to spend a bit more on some seniors but certainly not all.

Have you found something that helps get seniors adopted?

We have senior adoption months when the focus is on seniors.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your rescue group?

Nothing else I can think of off hand.  We love cocker spaniels and do our best to rescue and find forever homes for all
cocker spaniels that come across our path.

More photos of each senior are located on group’s website.

Pepper photo aa2896c8-5ca4-4400-8028-2b2da8d0cb52_zps23b0502e.jpg

Natasha photo natasha20_zps7c66d96d.jpg

Moss photo moss7_zps8da3b56f.jpg

Lena photo lena1_zpsf0fc33cd.jpg

Baby Jane photo babyjane_zpsc4868172.jpg
Baby Jane

Bethany photo bethany_zps0a7b7d89.jpg

Higgens photo higgins1_zps9450eaa3.jpg

Beaux photo beaux1_zps64b8efa1.jpg

Tiger photo tiger_zps40f25ce9.jpg

Cole photo cole1_zps68b32ff7.jpg

Sadie Joy photo d575d96d-5c65-4d04-b8d0-a3aae5de0424_zps7166db02.jpg
Sadie Joy

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